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The Bellibolt Plush is an original 8.27 inches (21 cm) tall Pokémon plush. It’s one of the most beloved plushies among Pokémon fans thanks to its unique and adorable design. With its light blue and white body, large round eyes, and small arms and legs, the Bellibolt Plush makes a perfect addition to your Pokémon collection.

Features of the Bellibolt Plush

  • ⭐ Original Pokémon plush
  • 🔥 Size: 8.27 inches (21 cm)
  • 🐉 Element: Water
  • 👆 Evolution: Evolves from Tétarte and evolves into Tarpaud
  • 🥇 Generation: Fourth Generation

The Bellibolt Plush is an original Pokémon plush, made with superior quality materials to ensure maximum durability and resistance. It’s also very soft and pleasant to touch, making it a great companion for kids and adults of all ages.

Size and Element of the Bellibolt Plush

The Bellibolt Plush stands 8.27 inches tall, making it a perfect size for display on a shelf, a desk, or even for cuddling. It’s also lightweight, which makes it easy to carry wherever you go.

The Bellibolt Plush belongs to the water element, making it even more valuable to Pokémon collectors.

Evolution and Generation of the Bellibolt Plush

The Bellibolt Plush is the evolution of Tétarte and the pre-evolution of Tarpaud. It first appeared in the fourth generation of Pokémon games on Nintendo DS.

Other Pokémon Plushies Similar to the Bellibolt Plush

Pokémon Plush Generation Type Description
Axoloto Second Generation Water A small pink axolotl with gills and a fluffy tail
Fidough Fifth Generation Water A small blue puppy with soft fur and drooping ears
Umbreon  Fourth Generation Darkness A small black cat with red eyes and pointed ears
Kyogre Third Generation Water A legendary blue Pokémon with fins and sharp fangs
Snorlax First Generation Normal A large lazy bear with beige fur and closed eyes
Lapras First Generation Water / Ice A large Pokémon with a snake head, a whale body, and dorsal and ventral fins

Each of these Pokémon plushies is unique and delightful in its own way, with adorable details that make them perfect for collectors and Pokémon fans.

Why Your Kids and Pokémon Fans Will Fall in Love with the Bellibolt Plush?

Kids and Pokémon fans will love the Bellibolt Plush for several reasons. Firstly, its unique and lovable design makes it an extremely attractive plush. With its large round eyes, light blue and white body, and small arms and legs, it’s truly cute and endearing.

Next, the Bellibolt Plush is a very popular Pokémon among fans, due to its water element and its evolution to Tarpaud. Kids can thus add a new Pokémon to their collection and continue their exploration of the Pokémon universe.

Furthermore, the Bellibolt Plush is made with superior quality materials, ensuring great resistance and longevity. It’s also very soft and pleasant to touch, making it an excellent plush for cuddling and calming moments.

Finally, the Bellibolt Plush can accompany kids on all their adventures, at home or on trips, providing a true play companion. Pokémon fans can also use it to complete their collection and share their passion with their family and friends.

The Bellibolt Plush, More than Just a Plushie

The Bellibolt plush is much more than a mere plushie. It’s a symbol of friendship and loyalty for all Pokémon fans. It can accompany kids on their adventures, provide comfort when they need it, and even help them make new friends by sharing their love for Pokémon.


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🤩 Fabric PP Cotton
👶 Age range Ages 3 and up
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