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Dragonite Plush
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With its orange-yellow body and bluish-green wings, the Dragonite Plush is a unique little dragon Pokemon. Its unmatched power reassures children. It is the ideal companion for decorating a child’s room or starting a Pokemon plush collection.

With it, you can embark on adventures and relive the exciting adventures of Pokemon GO. And for quiet moments, the cute Dragonite plush toy loves to be cuddled and cajoled to recharge its batteries.

Specifications of the Dragonite Plush

Features Values
🧡 Type Pokemon Plush
🔥 Model Dragonite
⬆️ Height 11.8 inches (30 cm)
😘 Color White with red wings and tail
🕯️ Materials Soft and high quality
🧒 Recommended age All ages

Pokemon Dragonite: who is he?

Even more mystical than the Dratini and Dratini , from which it evolves, Dragonite is the only evolved form of the first-generation dragon Pokemon. Numerous stories circulate about its adventures. It is said to be able to tour the world in just 16 hours. Its scales protect it from attacks, but it is mainly thanks to its steel mindset that Dragonite does not back down from any opponent.

By adopting the Dragonite Plushie, you surround yourself with one of the kindest Pokemon, always ready to protect its friends!

  • ⭐ Original Pokemon Plushie
  • 🔥 Size : 9.8 inches (25 cm)
  • 🐉 Element : Dragon and Flying
  • 👆 Evolution : Dragonite is the evolution of Dratini, which was itself the evolution of Minidraco.
  • 🥇 Generation : First Generation

The Pokemon Dragonite plush can be used in different ways:

As a toy for Pokemon fans

This Dragonite Pokemon plush is ideal for children who adore Pokemon. It can be used for play, cuddling, or decorating a child’s room.

First and foremost, this plush is a perfect choice for children who love Pokemon. Kids can have fun playing with this Dragonite Plush and immerse themselves in the fantastic world of Pokemon. They can also cuddle the plush, which can provide them with a sense of security and comfort. Moreover, the Pokemon Dragonite plush can be used to decorate a child’s bedroom and bring an touch of originality to the space.

As a collector’s item

Pokemon fans can add this plush to their collection of branded items. It is very popular with collectors for its quality and its faithfulness to the original character.

Additionally, the Pokemon Dragonite Plush is also greatly appreciated by Pokemon collectors. Franchise fans can add this plush to their collection of branded items to complete their collection. This plush is very popular with collectors because of its quality and its faithfulness to the original character. It could be a centerpiece for passionate collectors and help them create a diversified collection.

Using the Dragonite plush as decoration

The Dragonite plush is also perfect for decorating a desk or a shelf. Its size and color make it very attractive for decoration. The Dragonite plush is also an excellent choice for decoration. Its size and color make it very attractive for decoration. It can be used to decorate a desk, a shelf, or any other room of the house. It can be showcased to bring a touch of originality to the space, or simply used as a discreet decorative element. However it is used, the Dragonite plush will add charm and a unique atmosphere to any space.

In conclusion, the Pokemon Dragonite plush is an excellent choice for children and adult Pokemon enthusiasts. It can be used in different ways, such as a toy, a collector’s item, decoration, or even to stimulate children’s imagination. With its high quality, authentic design, and charming appearance, this plush is a real treasure for all Pokemon fans.

If you are a fan of your Dragonite Plushie, you will fall for these Pokemon Plushies…

Pokemon Plush Description
Togepi Plush Togepi is a Fairy type baby Pokemon. It is small and round, with short arms and legs. It has a white eggshell on its head and big blue eyes.
Wobbuffet Plush Wobbuffet is a Psychic type Pokemon. It has a spherical shape with pointy ears and round eyes. It has a ball-shaped tail attached to its back and short arms.
Pichu Plush Pichu is an Electric type baby Pokemon. It looks like a tiny yellow mouse with big pointy ears and a zigzag tail. It has big black eyes and red cheeks that generate electricity.
Popplio Plush Popplio is a Water type Pokemon. It has an otter-like shape with blue and white fur. It has round eyes and a small pink nose. It has large ears and a ribbon-shaped tail.
Clefairy Plush Clefairy is a Fairy type Pokemon. She is small and round with short arms and legs. She has curly pink hair on her head and round, blue eyes.

These Pokemon plush toys have characteristics similar to Dragonite, such as their round shape and compact size. They are all adorable and popular Pokemon among fans of the franchise. These plush toys can be an excellent option for collectors or Pokemon fans looking to add more variety to their collection.


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Pokémon Plushies carefully crafts plush toys from the most popular children's cartoon. Take advantage of unique promotions and guaranteed satisfaction at the store.

🤩 Fabric PP Cotton
👶 Age range Ages 3 and up
🌊 Washing Hand or machine wash at 30°.
🔥 Quality Anti-allergen cuddly toys stuffed with cotton
🎖️ Warranties Satisfied or your money back for 30 days

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