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Belonging to an endangered species, Lapras is one of the last Pokémon of its kind and the only one you will find in our Pokémon plushie store.

With its majestic posture, it resembles both a sea dinosaur and a sea monster. It’s the softness of the Lapras plushie that will make you adore this gift.

Elegant and graceful, your Pokémon Plushie can proudly reign in a child’s room among other animal plushies. There is a strong chance that Lapras is unique in its universe since it is a rare plushie!

Discover the Lapras plushie, an ideal playmate for all Pokémon fans

If you are a Pokémon fan, you surely know Lapras, this majestic Water/Ice type Pokémon. With its large dimensions, thick fur, and twisted horn, Lapras is one of the most appreciated and emblematic Pokémon of the franchise.

And now, you can have your own Lapras plushie to cuddle and collect! In this product sheet, we will present all the characteristics of the Lapras plushie, as well as useful information about this popular Pokémon.

The encounter between Ash and the Pokémon Lapras

It’s on the Orange Islands that Ash comes across Lapras. Troubled by several young people on the beach and defenseless, the famous Pokémon trainer comes to the aid of the small marine reptile.

Touched by this gesture, Lapras (who understands perfectly the language of humans) thus lets itself be captured. It will roam the islands with Ash and his companions to face other trainers.

With its resistant shell and its abilities to tolerate icy waters, the Pokémon is a powerful warrior that must be had in your Pokeball. Even though it doesn’t evolve, it can become Gigamax for several days!

How to obtain Lapras in the Pokémon game

If you are a Pokémon player, you probably know that Lapras is a relatively rare Pokémon. To get it, you must first capture a Magikarp, then evolve it into Gyarados. Then, you must exchange Gyarados with another player while holding a Water Stone in your inventory, for it to evolve into Lapras.

What animal is Lapras?

Lapras is often considered a mix between a whale and a seal. Its imposing size, thick fur, and the ability to swim in cold water resemble a whale, while its twisted horn and more playful behavior resemble a seal.

What is Lapras’s evolution?

As previously mentioned, Lapras evolves from Gyarados, which itself evolves from Magikarp. Magikarp can be found in most Pokémon games from the beginning of the adventure, while Gyarados requires a Water Stone to evolve into Lapras. Lapras does not have any additional evolution but remains a powerful and beloved Pokémon for its skills as a Water/Ice type Pokémon.

How to play with Lapras in Pokémon games

Lapras is a very loved Pokémon for its unique combination of Water and Ice types. In Pokémon games, Lapras can be used to navigate on bodies of water, as well as to fight other Pokémon. Thanks to its skills as a Water-type Pokémon, Lapras can learn attacks such as Hydro Pump and Waterfall, while its skills as an Ice-type Pokémon allow it to learn attacks like Blizzard and Ice Beam.

By using Lapras in your Pokémon team, you can not only travel the seas and rivers but also defeat formidable opponents thanks to its combat skills.

Well-groomed details for an authentic Lapras plushie

The Lapras plushie is made with high-quality materials to ensure optimal lifespan and a pleasant gaming experience. The plushie’s soft and fluffy fur recalls the texture of Lapras’s actual fur, while the details on its horn and fins give the impression of having a real Pokémon at hand.

The plushie’s eyes are embroidered for a realistic effect, while the mouth is slightly open to give the impression that Lapras is smiling. The plushie is also lightly padded for a feeling of optimal comfort during cuddles and games.

  • ⭐ Original Pokémon Plushie
  • 🔥 Size: approximately 10 inches (≈25 cm)
  • ❄️ Element : Water and Ice
  • 😇 Evolutions : None
  • 🥇 Generation : First Generation

A Lapras Pokémon plushie for hours of play and cuddles

The Lapras plushie is soft, cuddly, and perfectly suited for children of all ages. With its white and blue fur, its big black eyes, and its twisted horn, this plushie is a perfect replica of the original Pokémon.

Children will love to snuggle up to their Lapras plushie during long winter evenings or take it with them during their Pokémon adventures. With its dimensions of about 10 inches, this plushie is easily transportable and can be taken anywhere.

Other Pokémon plushies similar to Lapras

If you are a fan of Pokémon plushies, you will surely appreciate the Lapras plushie. But did you know that there are also other Pokémon plushies that resemble Lapras? Here are some of the most popular options:

Here is a new table for Charizard, Cubone, Snorlax XXL, and Chespin Pokémon plushies:

Pokémon Description
Charizard The Charizard plushie is a popular choice for Pokémon fans. With its flaming tail and majestic wings, this plushie is a faithful replica of the original Pokémon.
Cubone The Cubone plushie is an adorable option for Pokémon fans. With its little skull and bone, this plushie is a perfect cuddling companion for children.
Snorlax XXL The Snorlax XXL plushie is an ideal choice for fans of big cuddles. With its large size and soft, fluffy belly, this plushie is a perfect replica of the original Pokémon.
Chespin The Chespin plushie is a cute choice for Pokémon fans. With its small size and adorable face, this plushie is a perfect companion for children.

Whether you are a fan of Charizard for its fire power, Cubone for its unique design, Snorlax XXL for its impressive size, or Chespin for its cute little face, there is a Pokémon plushie for every fan.

To sum up, if you are looking for a soft, cuddly plushie that is perfectly fit for all Pokémon fans, the Lapras plushie is an excellent choice. With its meticulous details, soft fur, and large size, this plushie is a perfect replica of the original Pokémon. And with its skills as a Water/Ice type Pokémon, Lapras is also an ideal choice for Pokemon games. So why not add this plushie to your collection today?


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🤩 Fabric PP Cotton
👶 Age range Ages 3 and up
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