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Welcome to our product information page for the Pokemon Riolu Plush! This original Pokemon plush is a must-have for all fans of the franchise. With its size of approximately 9.8 inches (25 cm) tall, it’s perfect for cuddles and adventures. Let’s uncover everything you need to know about this Riolu plushie.

Adopt a Riolu Plush and gain a friend for life!

The Riolu Plush is made of soft and durable materials, making it an ideal play companion for children. The embroidered details on its face and body faithfully replicate Riolu’s appearance in the Pokémon games and animated series. With its pointed ears, blue and black fur, and adorable smile, this plush is simply irresistible.

Features of the Riolu Plush

Here are the features of the Riolu Plush:

  • Original Pokémon Plush: The Riolu plush is officially licensed merchandise from Pokémon, made with top-quality materials for optimal durability.
  • 🔥 Size: The Riolu plush stands about 9.8 inches tall (25 cm), making it an ideal size for cuddles and playtime.
  • 🐉 Element: Riolu is a Fighting-type Pokémon. However, as a plush, it doesn’t really have an element, unless you count softness and cuddliness.
  • 👆 Evolution: Riolu evolves into Lucario, a larger and stronger Pokémon, after reaching a certain happiness level. However, the Riolu plush remains cute and cuddly, even without evolving.
  • 🥇 Generation: Riolu is part of the fourth generation of Pokémon, first introduced in the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl games. The Riolu plush is, therefore, a fourth-generation plush, meant for fans of this era in the Pokémon universe.

Comparison table with other Pokémon plushies

If you’re a Pokémon fan, you’re surely familiar with Pikachu and Eevee, but do you know about these other plushies similar to Riolu?

Here’s a comparative table of characteristics of different Pokémon plushies similar to the Riolu plush:

Pokémon Element Type Generation
Pichu Electric Electric 2nd
Mimikyu Ghost Ghost 7th
Treecko Grass Grass 3rd
Cubone Ground Ground 1st
Magikarp Water Water 1st
Eevee Normal Normal 1st
Dragonite Dragon/Flying Dragon/Flying 1st
Venusaur Grass/Poison Grass/Poison 1st

As you can see, each Pokémon plush has its unique characteristics and type. Treecko is a Grass-type Pokémon, Cubone is Ground-type, Magikarp and Eevee are Normal-type, Dragonite is a Dragon/Flying-type, and Venusaur is Grass/Poison-type. All these Pokémon were introduced in different generations of Pokémon games, spanning from the first to the seventh.

Where to find a Riolu?

If you’re looking to add a Riolu to your Pokémon collection, here’s some helpful info:

  • 🔥 You can find Riolu plushies in specialized game and toy stores, as well as online.
  • 🔥 If you want to catch a Riolu in the Pokémon video games, it generally appears in battle and competition areas.
  • 🔥 In Pokémon Scarlet, Riolu can be found in the Jade Forest after defeating the gym leader.

How to evolve a Riolu?

Riolu evolves into Lucario once it reaches level 25 and its bond with its trainer is strong enough. If you want to maximize your chances of evolution, make sure to give your Riolu plenty of affection and engage him in battles.

How to get Riolu in Pokémon Black?

To obtain a Riolu in Pokémon Black, you need to head to the Chargestone Cave after defeating the League Champion. You’ll find a man who will give you a Riolu egg, which you can hatch by walking with it in your party.

Fall for the Riolu Pokemon Plush: because a cuddle is better than a Pokémon battle.

In conclusion, the Riolu plush is the perfect choice for any Pokémon fan looking for a soft and cuddly play companion. With its design staying true to Riolu’s appearance in the games and animations, this plush is a must-have piece for collectors. Order your Pokemon Riolu Plush now and add it to your Pokémon collection!


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🤩 Fabric PP Cotton
👶 Age range Ages 3 and up
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