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The Snivy Pokemon Plush is a real little gem for lovers of these famous creatures. Snivy is a Poison/Grass type Pokémon that first appeared in the fifth generation of Pokemon video games. With its snake shape and bright colors, it is immediately recognizable and appreciated by fans of the series. This plush is ideal for those looking to add a touch of softness and originality to their Pokemon merchandise collection.

Features of the Snivy Pokemon Plush

  • 🔥 Original Pokémon Plush
  • 😀 Size: 11 inches (28 cm)
  • 🌊 Element : Poison
  • 🏅 Evolutions: Chespin and Blindépique
  • 💯 Generation: Sixth Generation

The Snivy Pokemon Plush is about 11 inches long (28 cm), making it an ideal size to hold in your arms or to place on a desk or shelf. It is made from superior quality materials which makes it soft and pleasant to touch. The plush also has a neat finish, with details faithful to the original version of the Pokémon.

Snivy Pokemon Description

Snivy is a bipedal Pokémon of the Grass/Poison type, measuring approximately 2.3 feet (0.7 meters) and weighing approximately 35.3 pounds (16 kilograms). It has a very distinctive appearance with its hedgehog-like shell on its back, which is covered with sharp leaves. It also has a reed-shaped tail and yellow eyes with slit pupils.

Its shell is not just for aesthetics, it also serves as protection against enemy attacks. Indeed, the sharp leaves are very resilient and can cause damage to enemies who get too close. Snivy also uses its leaves as a weapon to attack its enemies and poison them. It has a calm personality and is very protective towards its close friends.

Snivy Pokémon Abilities

As a Grass/Poison type Pokémon, Snivy has a wide range of capabilities at its disposal. It can use attacks such as Vine Whip, Leaf Blade, Sludge Bomb, and Spikes to inflict damage on its enemies. Snivy can also poison its enemies with its Toxic attack, which causes regular damage over several rounds.

In addition to its offensive capabilities, Snivy also has defensive capabilities to protect itself. It can use the move Light Screen to reduce the damage from enemy attacks, and it can also heal itself with the move Recover to recover lost hit points. Finally, with its Overgrow ability, Snivy can increase the power of its Grass type attacks when its hit points are low.

In short, Snivy is a versatile Pokémon with a wide range of offensive and defensive capabilities. Its protective shell and pointed leaves make it a formidable opponent for any enemy who might underestimate it.

Benefits of the Snivy Pokemon Plush

The Snivy Pokemon Plush is an excellent choice for all fans of the series. It offers many benefits, including:

  • 🐍 The superior quality of materials used in the manufacture of the plush, which makes it soft and pleasant to touch.
  • 🐍 The careful details of the plush, which pay tribute to the original version of the Pokémon.
  • 🐍 Its ideal size to hold in your arms or to place on a desk or shelf.
  • 🐍 Its bright color and original shape, which make it a unique and fun decorative object.

How to Maintain the Snivy Pokemon Plush?

To keep the Snivy Pokemon Plush in good condition, it is recommended to wash it regularly by hand with cold water and mild soap. It’s also important to let the plush air dry to prevent it from warping or deteriorating. Lastly, it is recommended to store the plush in a dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent it from losing its color or fading.

Other Pokemon Plushies Similar to Snivy

Here is a summary table of the information relating to each Pokemon plush:

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Chimchar Plush Fire 11 inches (28 cm) 24,90 €
Vulpix Plush Fire 11.81 inches (30 cm) 24,90 €
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Each of these plushies is a faithful representation of its Pokemon counterpart and is made from soft, superior quality materials. They are ideal for collectors of Pokemon merchandise or for fans who are looking to add a touch of softness to their decor.


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